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Kindle Fire Amazon will remove Kindle Fire ads for $15 more

Amazon will remove Kindle Fire ads for $15 more

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Amazon is taking the stage to end this year with the launch of three brand new models of the Kindle Fire tablets.  According to the press release from Amazon, the new models will feature ads and special offers if the Kindle Fire goes into standby mode with the lock screen showing.  At first, consumers did not notice any indication that you could turn the ads off or have them removed for an additional fee like previous models of Amazon E-Ink Kindle models.  Originally it was reported that users would be able to remove the ads for a fee, but Amazon changed that keeping the ads without a removal option.

Now, we are hearing that consumers CAN pay to remove the ads and it appears that Amazon had some internal confusion regarding the special offers and whether you could pay to remove them.  The Amazon Kindle Fire tablets will come with what the company calls “Special Offers” which show on Home and Lock screens when the tablet is idle.  The Special Offers are said to help Amazon keep the costs low, but giving customers these offers rather than pack the tablet with annoying advertisements.

The ads, like ads anywhere in the consumer world, have not been very well received by the consumers in the market.  Amazon did respond and has officially announced plans to offer consumers the option to remove the ads for a small, $15 fee.  Amazon is taking this chance to make sure that their customers are happy and keep coming back to Amazon for future models of the Kindle Fire tablet, which has been quite popular since the day it launched.  Some are speculating where the $15 fee comes in.  Does Amazon figure each consumer is worth $15 or does the company or did Amazon just pick a price where they figured most consumers would pay to remove the ads?

So, to clarify, the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablets will come with the ads as a standard, but the company will also offer the $15 removal option to customers.  The Special Offers are pretty good, per the press release and one example shows customers would get $5 in credits to use on Amazon services if they make a purchase through the Special Offer shown on the tablet.  This makes the decision to drop the ads from your new Kindle Fire tablet a little tougher for consumers.

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