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Asus Android 4.2 will grace the ASUS Transformer Series

Android 4.2 will grace the ASUS Transformer Series

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Android 4.2 may be a bit buggy at the moment for Nexus devices, but it doesn’t dampen our hopes that our smartphones will be able to rock the new Android OS in the future. After all, everyone loves keeping up to date if possible, and since the updates are free, we certainly want it to keep coming.

ASUS is an Android device manufacturer that focuses more on the tablet side of the business. While they do offer a smartphone on their list in the form of the Padfone, it is still marketed as part phone, part tablet. The company is definitely so good at making them that Google made them their partner in making the Nexus 7.

If there is a company that must absolutely make sure 4.2 arrives on their devices, it would be ASUS. Why is that? Android Jelly Bean 4.2 brings a very special tablet specific feature that will make these ‘PC and Laptop replacements’ even better in what they do. What am I talking about? I am talking about the Multi-user support introduced in the latest version of Android.

After all, one very important feature of shared PC is the ability to set multiple user profiles on the device to allow each user to personalize their experience with the device. This is obviously a factor that is useful for a shared tablet, which has all the potential use cases of a multimedia PC.

The ASUS Transformer tablets will also greatly benefit from the new tablet interface which improves upon a tablet’s notification and navigation capabilities. Google had a good run with the Honeycomb style interface, but it was deemed that people liked the top down notification bar system better.

The new Miracast integration also makes the Transformer tablets an even better tool in making presentation and sharing them to your peers or coworkers and even in school. This, along with several UI element improvements make the 4.2 update something to really look forward to.

It seems that ASUS doesn’t want to make us wait too long. According to an ASUS customer representative, the company is already working on the 4.2 update for their transformer series. Hopefully, the update won’t take too long, but they are welcome to take a reasonable amount of time to fix the various bugs that Nexus devices seem to have with the update at launch. After all, we don’t want our neo-PCs crashing and rebooting during a very important presentation or while in the middle of making a document.

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