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Apple Apple getting new iPod Touch ready for launch

Apple getting new iPod Touch ready for launch

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When the iPhone 5 was taking all of the glory when it launched a couple of weeks ago, you might have forgotten about a couple other devices that Apple was releasing yet this year.  The iPhone 5 will most likely be the biggest success, but let us not forget about the iPad Mini that is coming, as well as the new iPod Touch that the company is ready to launch.  If you have taken the time to pre-order the fifth generation iPod Touch, Apple is getting things together for you and the devices should be shipping very soon.

The new iPod Touch was showcased as part of the same event when most of us were glued to the iPhone 5.  This iPod Touch, being the 5th generation, has a couple new features including a larger, 4-inch Retina display, Siri, Apple’s latest iOS6 and improved camera technology.  Around the middle of September, the new iPod Touch has been available for pre-order and since then, the pre-orders have been flowing in nicely.  The only indication that the device is coming soon is a note on the Apple website is set to ship “in October”.

Some Apple customers that have the pre-orders in have reported to various online sources that their orders have been moved into “Preparing for Shipment stage”.  Apple fans in Australia have reported seeing an exact shipping date of October 29th when they double check their pre-order online.  Other areas of the world like Japan, users are seeing a ship date of October 9th, so it looks that the shipping times in the United States are certainly going to be during this month.  The iPod Touch from Apple is also released with a new iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, which are also expected to ship sometime this month.

According to the Apple website, the new iPod Touch will be available in 6 colors including grey, yellow, blue, pink, red, black and white.  The new device will also be available in the 32GB model for $299.99 and the 64GB model for an additional $100.  Later models of the iPod Touch came with two cameras, a single core processor, graphics processor and support for Wi-Fi connections.  The display has always been quite sharp, but it will sure be nice to see the new, larger, 4-inch Retina display on the 5th generation.

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