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Industry Headlines Apple users could get access to Google Now on iPad and iPhone

Apple users could get access to Google Now on iPad and iPhone

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google-nowLeaked information is one thing that has changed the mobile industry forever and each week it is always something new.  Usually the leaked information is in regards to a high end handset that is about to be released, but once in a while, we get to read about a popular app that could get an update or end up on a device many did not expect to see it on.  That is the case with the latest bit of information that has been leaked regarding the Google Now app and Apple products.

Apple started the virtual assistant trend with the introduction of Siri, which is an app on the iPhone or iPad that will answer any question that you pose to her.  Get the weather, sports scores, stock prices, local traffic situations and more just by asking the app to get you the information.  In walks Google and they want to try out the same type of app and the development of the Google Now app is started.  Google Now is available on the Android Jelly Bean software and has been getting more popular each month.

The Google Now does very much the same thing that Apple’s Siri does, except that once you have it setup you do not have ask for any information, it is all there for you, updated at regular intervals so you can just glance and know.  With all of that said, the latest leaked video is showing the possibility of Google Now coming to iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad in the future.  According to the video, the feature will be accessible from the iOS search application by swiping up from the apps home screen, much like the way it works with Google Now and Android.

Google Now showed up last June and was the company’s attempt at pushing out more active search techniques.  Most of the users that come by Google use the search engine to find the information they are looking for, while Google Now can present the same information in a more passive manner.  Most of the information is found through algorithms and GPS triangulation on your device.  This is not the first time that Google has built its own app to work on another platform, but giving Apple users a second option to Siri might seem strange to some at first.

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