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Blackberry10 BlackBerry 10 is not going to support Instagram for now

BlackBerry 10 is not going to support Instagram for now

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BlackBerry-Z10-pivBlackberries 10 is still a very new operating system and in the past it was speculated that Instagram would be building a dedicated application for the new software, but new reports are indicating that will not be the case for now.  It would be nice for BlackBerry 10 users to have support with their new phones and it would only expand the overall reach of Instagram, but according to an online source, the Instagram app will not be available early on.  This does not mean that it will not arrive for the new operating system soon.

Before Instagram was purchased back Facebook last year it started as a photo sharing service and it is free to use.  The first place that it was available was on iOS devices and since has been built for Android.  Some feel that since BlackBerry 10 has an Android emulator, the Instagram app would work just fine but some are saying that technical issues in the code would mean that Instagram could not be ported to the software very easily.  Instagram is still a very small company even though it is part of Facebook, with only a 20-person team, so getting the photo sharing app to all the available platforms will take some time.

Since the operating systems are constantly changing, being able to keep up with them with such a small team has proven to be somewhat difficult.  Whether or not the app will be available on BlackBerry 10 before Windows Phone software is something consumers will just have to keep an eye on.  Microsoft is doing a very good job at releasing new devices and actually made an investment in Facebook, so you would think that they would get the Instagram app first, but you never know.

BlackBerry users can still take and share photos within the BB10 software, but Instagram provides more filters, cropping resolution and a social sharing based experience.  The camera on the BlackBerry 10 powered devices comes with its own set of filters so you can share your artistic images on websites like Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.  Windows Phone is currently going to be taking on BlackBerry 10 for the third spot in regards to mobile operating systems over the next year or so and apps like Instagram will make a difference to consumers, even though it will be a small one.

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