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Blackberry Playbook Blackberry Playbook not getting Blackberry 10 update

Blackberry Playbook not getting Blackberry 10 update

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blackberry-playbook-lteIf you are one of the few that still have the Blackberry Playbook tablet, you might want to pay attention to some new reports that are coming down from Blackberry.  According to the Blackberry CEO, Thorsten Heins, the company made the announcement today during an earnings call that it would not be updating the Playbook tablet with the newly released Blackberry 10 software.  Even though the company has cancelled the update, it did not release any further information as to why they would be doing so.  This news will come as a surprise for some as the company was making customers believe that if they purchased the tablet, those customers would get access to downloading the new software once it was available.

It was earlier this year that Heins promised that the company would be sending out the update for the Playbook device, but the specifics were never really talked about from that point forward, until today.  Back in 2011 when the Playbook launched, it arrived with the QNX operating system which was pretty good at the time.  It has since dropped off the face of the mobile world due to lack of updates, but Playbook users are going to have to deal with it since it will not be updated at this time.

The Blackberry 10 operating system was built from the roots of the QNX system, but did bring a boat load of new features that was supposed to make life easier for those that own Blackberry devices.  The Blackberry Hub feature brings the users email, appointments and social network updates all to the same place, making them easier to find, as well as interact with.  After this announcement, it looks like there will be no chance that we will see any Blackberry tablet running the new operating system.

Less than one year ago, Heins had already been talking that making tablets was not a good decision for Blackberry based on a “cost to profit” standpoint.  Even though the CEO is looking out for the best interest of the company, it is not the best time to be getting out of the tablet market.  With just about every company going with larger devices, it would have been smart for Blackberry to release a tablet, even if it was one that is entry level with minimum features as it would easily appeal to the budget friendly folks.  Blackberry 10 software will be reserved for the Z10, Q10 and the new Q5 coming out later this year.

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