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iOS Gaming on iOS7 levels up with native controller support

Gaming on iOS7 levels up with native controller support

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ios7Regardless of how much of an Android fanboy you may be, there are things where iOS is still undisputed. One of these things is gaming. Gaming on iOS has been perfect since day one. It has the largest gaming library compared to other mobile operating systems. The platform always gets the game first if it does come out in other platforms, while many games remain to be strictly iOS only. Gaming is fluid, sharp, and usually much less buggy compared to their Android counterparts.

When it comes to gaming on mobile devices, there are two areas where Android excels over iOS. One is native controller support, while the other is a larger capacity for rendered objects. The latter means that in a game such as the “Amazing Spiderman”, the Android variant has more people littering the streets as “extras” while the iOS variant focused more on the actual enemies and the main character with a much more deserted city. Of course, it is only important in immersion, but not in the actual game experiences itself.

Unfortunately, Android is about to lose its biggest gaming advantage over iOS: controller support. With the new iOS7, Apple is also introducing native controller support that games and controller manufacturers can hook up into. This means that we will now be able to see universal controller accessories for the most accessorized platform in the business.

Some would contest that controllers existed for iOS before. While that may be true, it is in a very limited sense. The setup before required the developer of the game to specifically code their games to support a controller. Unfortunately, since it was a free for all at the time, a developer would have to code support for several different controllers to be able to support them all. That is a huge hassle for the developer. They usually end up endorsing one specific controller, or in most cases, no controller support at all.

This time, the operating system itself dictates a native controller API. Game developers will now only need to modify their code to support the native controller settings of iOS7. New controllers will now hook up to iOS7′s controller API, which will allow all controllers to interact with the game.

What do these changes mean? This means that game ports will now be even more prominent and easy to play on iOS7. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Sonic, and other games that were so easy to play on controllers back then and yet so difficult to play on a touch screen interface can now be played with a controller, making the experience even more immersive. There are games out there that just don’t work with touch. Many games really need a physical controller for the player to really enjoy the game. Lookout, a new gaming standard will start brewing for iOS, and it will definitely make portable gaming systems shake in their boots.

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