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Android HTC One Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update was a complete misunderstanding

HTC One Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update was a complete misunderstanding

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htc-one-displayHTC finally pulls through and it seems that the company is planning to release a much awaited Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update for their favorite aluminum clad Android device, the HTC One… or so we thought. Unfortunately for us, it seems that it won’t be updating anytime this week after all. What seemed like an official announcement from an official insider turned out to be mere speculation.

What made the update so believable was because unlike the previous situations where the release of the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update was merely speculation and rumor, the source for this impending update is an HTC representative. One of their ambassadors, Yves Wi, has recently updated his Twitter account with some hints about an impending update to the HTC One. In fact, he said it would be updated on the 12th of June.

Going by his blog, lots of users spent the day checking and checking for an update.¬†Unfortunately, the update never came. It seems that his source was also merely an interpretation of HTC’s Facebook post. There is actually no official word on when the update will come. The Facebook post was talking about checking regularly that morning for “updates”. It seems that the updates that the post was referring to were Blinkfeed updates, as hinted by the image that accompanied the post. Looks like some “ambassadors” need to check in with more concrete sources before embarrassing themselves. At the very least, Yves apologized for the confusion and subsequent hype that it built.

Unlike other flagships such as the Galaxy S4, it seems that HTC failed to launch with the latest update in tow, despite coming out at about the same time. In fact, the HTC One was supposed to launch earlier than the Galaxy S4 if it were not to some supply issues brought about by the manipulation of aluminum.

Still, Yves claims that the update will indeed come soon, but there is no indication as to how “soon” that actually is. Many speculate that the update will arrive this month, simply because it seems that the official word on the streets is that the HTC One X, the predecessor of the HTC One, will get Jelly Bean 4.2.2 sometime in July. The predecessor is highly unlikely to get an update before the latest flagship, so it might just be a month or two before we finally jump for joy.

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  1. People really shouldn’t listen to twitter updates other than HTC. Whether it’s the “french ambassador” or @LlabTooFeR, people shouldn’t be expecting them to be correct because the fact is, HTC hasn’t said anything and they will indeed continue to be awful at updating their previous phones as they have done in the past. It’s only Samsung that seems to regularly update their phones. HTC will always suck at updates as they will continue to release new phones with new software, that’s how their entire market works.

  2. Hardly the first handset that HTC has left hanging for OS updates, often for many months after it rolls out to other manufacturers.

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