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HTC HTC One X found to have remote camera controls

HTC One X found to have remote camera controls

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The flagship Android powered handset from HTC, the quad core chip laden One X has been widely acclaimed to be an excellent smartphone. The device has been widely praised for its imaging abilities which HTC had highlighted at the time of its announcement and subsequent launch earlier this year. The device came loaded with Android 4.0 as well as the newest version of HTC’s own Sense UI.

Now, thanks to some digging by a Chinese website, it seems that HTC’s Sense UI has a bunch of hitherto hidden features. They figured out that if you pair a select bunch of Bluetooth headsets with the HTC One X, you would be able to control the shutter mechanism of the device using select button combinations on the headset. This functionality has to be an additional feature authorized by HTC ideally. However, in the official documentation of the device, there is no mention of any such capability. Therefore, there is still some doubt if these features were the brainchild of a smart programmer at HTC.

It is also yet to be confirmed of this trick is possible with other HTC Android powered handsets as well.

If you do happen to have an HTC handset – preferably the One X lying around, and also have a Bluetooth headset, let us also inform you that there is no guarantee that this would work well in all cases. Apparently, different brands of headsets have different key combinations. For example, one report says that an iTech brand A2DP headset required two taps of the Volume Up button. A Plantronics headset on the other hand required triple taps of the dial button. Same was the case with Jabra. In some other headsets, the functionality refused to show up.

As of now, it is still unclear what the basis of this feature is and why if it indeed was a feature, HTC chose not to reveal it.

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