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Who needs street view when you can view maps when looking at a street? I’ve always had a thing for augmented reality, and this really takes the cake. Nokia just launched their update to the Google Maps contender for Windows 8 called “Here Maps” which now integrates the mapping solution with their LiveSight technology. This […]

It seems that if HTC doesn’t fix their latest internal problems, the HTC One may just be their last one in the market. The company, which has been through so many dangerous lows recently, seems to have trouble keeping their staff happy. We have no idea exactly what goes on inside the company, but for […]

Now that the smartphone makers have done everything they can with that device, most of them are looking to the next gadget that is going to give them a boost in sales. While most of the smartphone makers are trying to concentrate on the tablet market, those that have already been there are working on […]

Despite the fact that Blackberry 10 is steadily growing to be a worthy 3rd place platform in the mobile market, many big shot companies are still giving it the middle finger. Blackberry 10 had more than just a rocky start. It barely came to fruition after a long time in development while the company continued […]

Google Glass will be getting seven of the most popular mobile apps in the Android world and three of them will be related to social media.  The New York Times has reported that Google will be announcing the new apps and dubbing them as “Glassware” this week.  The new applications for the wearable computing device […]

Google Wallet is a mobile payment solution that allows users to attach payment methods to their smartphone and in turn they can actually make the payment at a compatible register in stores across the nation.  The mobile app will be available on the Sprint Galaxy S4, Sprint HTC One and the Galaxy Note 2.  The […]

Last week, Google’s I/O conference started and even though smartphones were not the center of attention, Google did introduce plenty of updates to services, as well as new apps for Android users.  Google+ is essentially the Facebook of Google and today the company showcased some new features, along with a new Google + Hangouts mobile […]

After months of speculation and rumors, Nokia has finally come forward and made an official announcement regarding the new Lumia 925 is coming to the marketplace.  Many rumors and reports suggested the specs for the new device, but now we have concrete evidence pointing to what consumers can expect when it is time to purchase […]

The Google I/O conference has started and according to reports, the company is not going to be revealing any Nexus phones, but will be talking about the Galaxy S4 a little bit.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 has launched worldwide now and has been selling very well over the last month and that includes international versions […]

When the two new Blackberry devices showed up this year, three mobile carriers made announcement that they would not be carrying one of them and they were Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.  Judging by a recent report, the three mobile carriers have finally announced plans to get the Blackberry Q10 some shelf space and it […]

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