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Industry Headlines Leaked images show new Apple iPhone 5 with larger screen

Leaked images show new Apple iPhone 5 with larger screen

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As rumors come and go about the new iPhone 5, a leaked image might have proven at least one of them true.  The rumor that we are talking about is the one where the iPhone 5 comes to the market with a larger display than previous models.  Rumors hit the Web about a month ago and some went with a 4+ inch display while others said the display might even get a little smaller.  Studies were brought up about how consumers enjoyed a smaller display because it fit better into one hand and that some displays get over the 4.5-inch mark and become more tablet like to some degree.

Today, we get to see an image that was discovered by and it shows two iPhones, one black and one white, next to each other with a very obvious larger display.  Online sources are reporting that in the images it appears the iPhone 5 is a bit larger, perhaps to accommodate a larger battery or other internal changes.  The device also appears to have a new, smaller dock connector, what looks like a microphone between the LED flash and camera on the back, plus the audio jack was moved to the bottom of the body.  According to 9to5Mac, the screen is larger and looks to measure close to the 4-inch range with a pixel resolution of 1136×640.

Both models, assuming the black and white will both be released, appear to have more metal accents than previous models and shows that Apple is willing to make design changes that do not affect the overall high-end look that the iPhone has been very well know to have.  Other iPhone rumors included whether or not it would have iOS 6 installed when it arrives and what date it is going to be released, even though most expect it sometime in October of this year.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said in a recent interview that the new iPhone was going to come with an updated version of Siri, the voice activated virtual assistant made popular on the iPhone 4S.  What was more interesting was that during the same interview, Apple was going to work hard on preventing the leak of any information in the future.  It appears to not have worked very well up to this point, but maybe he meant after the iPhone 5 release.

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