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Industry Headlines LG compares the Galaxy S3 battery life vs Optimus G

LG compares the Galaxy S3 battery life vs Optimus G

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LG is very confident with their new flagship phone. They want to sincerely impart their confidence to their customers by promoting benchmarks and comparison shots. The LG Optimus G may the first real android smartphone from LG that people may actually want.

Their fellow South Korean company, Samsung even thinks that the Optimus G may be what LG needs to get out of the ditch it has dug itself into with their previous devices. Their brokerage arm feels that LG will finally sell a lot of smartphones through their LG Optimus G due to the fact that it is well built, with high specs and it is a whole league away from any of their predecessor devices.

How fitting it is that LG use Samsung’s own flagship as a guinea pig in their portrayal of dominance of the current market. During a press conference that was meant to showcase the Optimus VU 2, LG was questioned about the battery life of their devices.

It would seem that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was popular enough to become the benchmark of other companies, a status that is usually reserved for the Apple iPhone. While many do not like it when brands tarnish the reputation of each other by saying their product is better, it is a marketing style that really makes an impact, and makes the consumer actually consider the product in their head.

LG has spent a part of the press conference to talk about their battery life tests of the Optimus G against the popular Samsung Galaxy S3. The results were overwhelmingly in LG’s favor, but one would wonder how fair the evaluation truly was. We all know about company strategies where they exaggerate on their “superiority”.

According to the tests performed by LG, the Optimus G outlasted the Samsung Galaxy S3 in some real world usage aspects. The LG Optimus G lasted 7 hrs and 52 min while playing a video non-stop while in airplane mode. In the same test, the Galaxy S3 lasted for only 7 hrs and 15 min.

While recording video, the Optimus G took 7 hrs and 1 min before the battery hit 15% capacity. On the same note, the Galaxy S3 lasted a mere 6 hrs and 46 min before it hit the 15% capacity mark.

Talk time was apparently measured on LTE networks, where the Optimus G lasted 15 hrs and 51 min of non-stop calling, while the Galaxy S3 stopped at 9 hrs and 39 min.

LG explains that the reason why the Galaxy S3 was used as a benchmark is because of its current status in the market. It may also link to the fact that both batteries are at the 2100 mAh mark. This test pits battery consumption rate rather than strictly battery performance. Different factors, such as processor and GPU components could directly affect battery consumption.

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