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Tablets Many people wondered, but few thought a Nokia tablet would become reality

Many people wondered, but few thought a Nokia tablet would become reality

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Nokia has been making some news with the releases of the Lumia line of smartphones powered by Windows Phone software.  Today, an executive at Nokia made comments about the company setting time aside to work on a Nokia tablet that will reportedly be powered by Windows 8.  Right now, Nokia and Microsoft are taking the vow of silence about the rumor, but many think that the two companies are a perfect match to bring another tablet into the mobile world.  The tablet would likely launch in 2013, but it could be on the shelves by late 2012.

Nokia fans would love to be able to dictate what features are available in a new tablet, but that is unlikely going to happen.  For the most part, experts have a list of things they believe would have to be considered if the Nokia tablet was going to make a difference in their overall market share.  Rumors would point to a tablet with a large display, nothing less than 9 inches would make a difference and it would also have to be a quad-core powered tablet with a 4G option.

Based on other tablets on the market today, these options are a must if Nokia is planning to make any waves when it comes to the tablet industry.  The only comments reported about the topic were from Marko Ahtisaari, who told a Finnish magazine that Nokia is “working on it”.  He also went on to say that he is devoting about one third of his time to making sure the Nokia tablet becomes a reality.  All other details, specs, prices, release dates, etc are going to be left to rumor for right now.  Most consumers opt to have just about any Wi-Fi only option when it comes to tablets, the main reason being the cost is much less.  If Nokia can get a 4G enabled device on the market, reviewers and consumers alike will take kindly to it without worrying too much about the price.

Many believe that Nokia will come up with a tablet that feels less like a Nokia device and more like competitors.  Pricing would be expected in the $499 to $599 range if the company wants to stay competitive in the market.  Because the tablet would be powered by Windows 8, Microsoft would have to make sure all the bugs are worked out before the release date.

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