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Microsoft-tablets Microsoft Surface Pro storage capacity misleading

Microsoft Surface Pro storage capacity misleading

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Microsoft-Surface-ProMicrosoft first announced plans to bring back the Surface name in June 2012 and this time it was going to be with a few high end tablets that would operating on the Windows 8 software. For the rest of the year consumers waited to see what and when the company was going to showcase what they have to offer the tablet community. The wait was longer than usual in the mobile world, but according to an announcement today, Microsoft will be shipping the new Surface Pro tablet on February 9th.

If you are looking to purchase the new tablet, you will have two options, the 64GB model for $899, or the 128GB model for $999. Both options run the Windows 8 software in full, but that is where the actual storage numbers get confusing. According to an online source, Microsoft does not do a very good job at stating the actual internal memory that you will have with the devices. In fact, according to the numbers, the most you will be able to have is just 83GB and that is on the $1000, 128GB model. Microsoft has confirmed these claims in a statement sent to Engadget, but that does not mean consumers are going to be happy.

Everyone that owns a mobile device knows that the listed internal memory is not 100 percent exact; there are pre-loaded items that take up a bit of space, but not 40GB worth. Microsoft explained that customers can make more space if they make a bootable USB backup and be deleting the Surface Pro backup partition that is pre-structured from the factory. The 64GB model will come with just 23GB of internal memory, which is not bad for a tablet, but many consumers were hoping to get the full 64GB for sure.

The Windows RT Surface tablets came along with the same scenario and in that case the internal memory was cut in half from what it was advertised as, giving the 32GB model just 16GB of storage and the 64GB model just 32GB of storage. The Surface 8 Pro is a much worse deal even though Microsoft is calling it the laptop replacement device, mainly because it can run full versions of the operating system. Consumers that are power users or loyal to Microsoft are not likely to care that much about the storage, rather just learn to deal with it.

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