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Android Motorola Droid Razr series all set to get Android 4.0

Motorola Droid Razr series all set to get Android 4.0

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Motorola seems to be readying a fresh set of updates for its popular Razr series of Android powered handsets in the near future. The two handsets in the range which includes the “original” Razr Droid and the Droid Razr Maxx are both likely to get a much needed promotion to Android 4.0 (IceCream Sandwich) in the next few days, if we are to believe fresh reports.

It was not long ago that Motorola released a series of teaser videos showcasing its Android devices. In these videos, the Razr handsets appear to be running Android 4.0. In fact, these adverts seem to be the factor that has prompted many to report about a possible impending update.

Motorola themselves have claimed that the update would eventually be arriving for both handsets. However, at the same time, they stopped short of clarifying as to which of these two premium handsets would get first preference. They have also not revealed a time period by when they expect the procedure to be completed.

While most manufacturers are still in the process of rolling out stable ICS updates to their older Android devices, people have already started talking about the next major Android update which would graduate it to version 4.1 which has been codenamed JellyBean. Unlike previous Android updates which were incremental in nature – the update to ICS was a major one owing to which manufacturers had to face lots of complexities in issuing them to older handsets – all of which were designed keeping in mind the older Android versions.

Completely new features such as “Face Unlock” and an overhauled speech-to-text software program, and better Near Field Communication (NFC) implementation made the task of manufacturers even more tougher – bringing the update to older devices. This is the reason why even a good eight months after the release of ICS, it still has managed to garner just 4.9 percent of the overall Android OS version market.

All said, if you happen to own one of these Droid series handsets, chances are high that you should be hearing some good from Motorola in the form of an update notification.

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  1. I put a ics rom on my Razr and it was a million times better of an interface. Very nice indeed! I went back to get the stable version but am greatly looking forward to it. Those who comment about it being nothing are probably uninformed.

  2. It really doesn’t add much to my razr to get too excited.

  3. I wish they would hurry up already

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