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Over the last few weeks, information has indicated that the HTC One Max will be headed to the AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless networks, but there was not any concrete information for exact release dates at the time.  This week, consumers on at least one network will be excited to get a firsthand look at […]

Arguably the most intriguing phablet in the market, the Galaxy Note 3 is one of the few phablets that makes sense. Apart from simply blowing up the display to unhandy proportions, the phone focuses on the phone becoming a notepad and planner replacement thanks to the many S-pen based features of the device. Despite the […]

If you are headed back to school this fall and were thinking about upgrading your smartphone, you might want to take a look at the deal that Sprint has to offer you.  According to the Sprint website, you can get a Samsung Galaxy S4 for free if you purchase one at full on-contract price.  The […]

Just a couple of days after Sprint announced that it will be offering a purple Samsung Galaxy S4, the company comes forward with an announcement that it will also be offering another popular handset in another color.  The HTC One was released earlier this year and it has been selling quite well since that time.  […]

When it comes to wireless networks there are really only a few names that ring any bells and those are Sprint, Verizon Wireless, US Cellular, T-Mobile and AT&T.  There are a couple of smaller ones that have made it to the market and some of them operate 4G LTE networks as well.  According to reports […]

Many US HTC One customers have been waiting for a while for their Jelly Bean 4.3 update. The update has been out for a while for the international market and even Canada had before the US. In a classic case where the carrier is the cause of delay, the US had to wait until the […]

Just like with other smartphones in the past, Sprint is going to offer customers the Galaxy S4 in a brand new color.  According to an online source, Sprint made an announcement this week that it would be offer the new color to those that are just about ready to head back to school.  In the […]

It’s no secret that Sprint isn’t one of the biggest or most trusted carriers in the US. Sprint may have its user base, but that pales before fast growing carriers like T-Mobile. Ironically, they are also the last to implement what is now a trend for US carriers – the early upgrade program. We’ve had […]

Those of you that like to keep your smartphone looking a little different than everyone else’s might end up buying a new case or cover, but there are some smartphones on the market that come in colors that are not the typical black and white.  The HTC One is going to be one of them […]

Sprint has just unveiled their new unlimited plans in hopes of finally rising above the heavy competition in the US mobile network market. With Verizon and AT&T remaining as the market leaders, Sprint, which is under new management, competes heavily on price while taking advantage of their wide and still lightly used networks to promote […]

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