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The holiday season usually calls for a very busy market sector. Production of products is at its peak as companies expect a massive buying rush during the last 3 months of the year. When you start hearing about a company actually slowing down their production during this season, you just know that it isn’t doing […]

It seems that now that Apple has launched a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, everyone is in a rush to unleash their own take on the “new” mobile security measure. Samsung, a company that has been known to quickly react on Apple products and rumors, apparently bought a fingerprint scanning company called Fingerprint Cards AB. Fingerprint […]

Most people would say that Apple’s products ‘just work’. It is a mantra that Apple has been reciting and preaching to their customers for a long time now, and for a few good years with Steve Jobs at the helm, this proved to be pretty much true. Apple’s products have been smooth, secure, and bug-free. […]

Those of you that wanted to upgrade to the iPhone 5 just to get a look at the new iOS 7 software will not have to worry as Apple promised to load the iPhone 4S with the software eventually.  According to the numbers reported online, the iPhone 4S still takes up about 30 percent of […]

The iPhone is a very iconic phone. Many could consider owning an iPhone as a status symbol back in the day, a status that means you are “in” or “cool”. The iPhone has indeed been cool back when it was the sole most popular smartphone in the market, but as Android began dominating the market, […]

It was once predicted by many blogs and news firms that the iPhone 5C would be the iPhone that connects lower income and lower budget groups to the iPhone fold. This prediction was momentarily shattered when the phone came out, going just a few dollars cheaper than the real flagship model, the iPhone 5S. The […]

The iPhone has traditionally been released either in black or white color options. These are colors that are considered elegant, formal, suave, cool, and natural. This is a color scheme that has since been common with the initial releases of many smartphones in the market. While some may try to go for blue, they eventually […]

Apple’s launch has become a rather rocky one at best. While the company can still boast that they had sold a lot of iPhones this season, their reputation is marred with several issues that they are still catching up to fix. Many of the problems have been related to the iOS7 software, causing security concerns […]

A year ago when Google released the Now application that comes pre-loaded on device with new Android software, there were only a couple of cards that users could choose from, but nonetheless it was a very useful app.  Today, the Google Now application features a more cards and according to a recent update change log, […]

Even though we are on the fifth installment of the iPhone, it looks like the retail price and desirability of the older iPhones might still be there.  Apple is about to send the newest iPhone models to the marketplace within the next month, so consumers will have plenty to check out for when they want […]

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