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Motorola is certainly putting a lot of weight into their latest flagship. It’s the kind of razor sharp focus that we hope to continue to see from the new Motorola, which mean less devices but more customer support and better average hardware. Looking at the Moto X and the Moto G, they have practically covered […]

Just a couple of days after HTC announced that you could get an unlocked HTC One for $0 down, T-Mobile is announcing the same deal for those that would like to pick up the iPhone 5S this holiday season.  Because T-Mobile had dropped the phone subsidies this year and has gone away with two-year contracts, […]

The LG G2 is a very popular device from LG and was certainly one that was going to be getting the latest from the Android operating system; it was just a matter of when.  The waiting might be over now as at least one carrier in the world has announced that the device was getting […]

I’m sure at one point, you also thought that the first OEM batch of updates for Kit Kat 4.4 would be from Samsung, or at least they would be of them. Considering their previous track record, they should really be on top of this update, but not a peep came from Samsung until this little […]

If you are in the market for a new smartphone you might want to check out what Amazon has to offer you.  According to reports, Amazon is offering more Cloud Drive storage for those that pick up select smartphones powered by Android.  Typically, users will get 5GB of extra storage in the Cloud Drive when […]

Those that do not already have the HTC One can still pick one up at a steep discount this holiday season.  The deal might not be something that you are familiar with, but if you want a nice smartphone without any two-year contract, HTC has the plan for you.  According to reports, HTC will allow […]

Straight talk is a pre-paid wireless company that is sold via Wal-Mart and has been gaining in popularity since it started to offer higher end smartphones to users.  Starting this week, Wal-Mart stores will be offering the iPhone 5S, right next to the iPhone 5C for the Straight Talk network.  Most of the time it […]

As the largest Internet retailer by far, Amazon is a very influential market mover. Recently the powerful retailer put definite pricing pressure on the mobile marketplace when it lowered the standard on contract retail price tag of the 16 GB Sprint Galaxy S4 to just $59. The Galaxy S4 just last month saw its 40 […]

It wasn’t so long ago that Kit Kat 4.4 was released. People are still raving about it, and many are still waiting if they are going to get their update before the year is over. We have seen how LG, Motorola, and HTC put in extreme effort in updating at least their flagship devices so […]

Usually, it is the US market that is in envy of the international variants when it comes to Android updates. This year seems to be quite different, with carriers and OEMs working hard to deliver faster updates for the US. We have seen the first light of Kit Kat on OEM smartphones and Nexus smartphones, […]

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