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If you happen to rock the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S III as your mobile weapon of choice, you know you have a very capable handset in the palm of your hands despite the fact that the successor of the handset, the Samsung Galaxy S IV, has already landed. The Samsung Galaxy S […]

In today’s smartphone world, the Samsung Galaxy S IV is one of the, if not THE best handset currently available in the market today. The smartphone is the flagship device of the Korean electronics giant for 2013 and with this status comes the fact that the Samsung superphone is packed to the brim with impressive […]

The HTC One launched about one month ago on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile networks, but those on the Verizon Wireless network were told they might have to wait another month before it is available to them.  Now it is May and even though Verizon Wireless has not confirmed the exact release date, most consumers are […]

When talking about the phablet category of the smartphone competition, the first thing that comes to mind will always be the Samsung Galaxy Note II. After all, the second generation Samsung phablet is the epitome of what a phablet really is – a cross between a smartphone and a tablet. For the longest time, the […]

Many people keep spelling Apple as D-O-O-M-E-D ever since the loss of its great leader, Steve Jobs. Truth be told, sure enough, their popularity is waning. People are beginning to find that other devices can do as much or better than what an iPhone can do. We read lots of stories where a “loyal” Apple […]

Your “Life Companion” is about to get an update if you are on T-Mobile or AT&T. It seems that Samsung had some last minute software updates they needed to push to a device that many would claim as somewhat a bit lagging in comparison to all the test devices and device demonstrations. T-Mobile’s official changelog […]

For the most part, consumers are pretty happy to be getting an update for their smartphone, but one that was updated recently, it causing more problems than it might be worth.  The update is for the HTC One S on the T-Mobile network and even though any Android update is typically a good one, there […]

Blackberry holds a developer conference in May each year down in Florida and that is typically when consumers are going to hear about what is coming next for the failing smartphone company.  Ahead of the event this year, we know about the full touch screen Z10 and the Q10 which sports the full QWERTY keyboard […]

According to the latest rumors, Nokia is getting ready to announce the upcoming Lumia 925 and 928 smartphones.  The event is planned for May 14 and it is expected to be the place we hear about the Windows Phone 8 powered 925 and the Verizon Wireless bound 928.  You might remember the Lumia 925 by […]

At the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S IV is one of the hottest handsets in the smartphone market today. No surprise here considering the fact that the handset is the current flagship device of the Korean smartphone and tablet manufacturer and with this status comes the fact that the handset improves on what its predecessor […]

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