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Even though the LG Optimus G Pro has yet to reach the US shores, the company made sure to drum up enough publicity for the device all over the world. After all, things must be looking very hot for the company with the Galaxy S IV making its way to the US very soon along […]

If you have been watching the mobile news over the last month or more, it might look like most of it is dominated by the yet to be released HTC One and that would certainly be the case when looking back.  Today is not any different as T-Mobile announces plans to release the highly anticipated […]

If you happen to be a fanboy of the Windows Phone platform and are currently in the market for your next mobile weapon of choice, you know that your choices are a bit limited when it comes to the number of handsets you can select from. In fact, if you have the means, you only […]

If you happen to have T-Mobile for your wireless provider of choice and rock the carrier’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II (that’s right, the flagship device of the Korean smartphone and tablet manufacturer from a couple of years back), we have great news for you. If you are still waiting for the update […]

Verizon may still be the league leader among wireless providers in US shores when it comes to LTE coverage but AT&T is trying its best to at least come close to what Big Red has managed in terms of breadth and width of LTE coverage. In line with this, AT&T has taken an expansionist policy […]

When it comes to being compliant with the GNU General Public License, there are only a handful of manufacturers that are said to be very timely in releasing the source codes for the handsets in their respective stables. We can’t say for sure if HTC is among these manufacturers but the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer recently […]

HTC is under a mixed bag of both good and bad news this week. Starting with the good news, a lot of reviewers who were fortunate enough to land a unit of the HTC One hailed the product as one of the best smartphones in the Android market. What do they have to say about […]

Feeling left out of the Jelly Bean love? We hear you. A lot of people were wondering what happened to the update, which hit other variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II already. Now, the latest update is available from the new uncarrier T-Mobile, and their unlikely competitor, Virgin Mobile. The update brings one of […]

If you happen to be a fanboy of the Windows Phone ecosystem, then you are most definitely aware that there are only two currently available handsets in the platform from the high-end category of the smartphone competition – the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC Windo`ws Phone 8X. Both devices are the flagship devices of […]

If you happen to have US Cellular for your wireless provider and rock the carrier’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Axiom (which is basically the US Cellular variant of the internationally-released Samsung Galaxy S III Mini), we have great news for you. That is, if you haven’t received the notification that an update has already […]

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