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It looks like Blackberry had a change of heart and a whole new claim for the market to watch. A huge rush of sales has emboldened the CEO of Blackberry, but in reality, they sung a very different tune back when their first “revival device” came out. Remember when RIM changed their name to Blackberry and released […]

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy S IV sold like hotcakes on a cold morning after 3 days of famine. What surprised me is the fact that the Blackberry Q10, their keyboard laden variant of the new Blackberry 10 series, is actually gaining more interest than the HTC One in some markets. The month of April, […]

While a lot of people were certainly impressed by the smooth performance of the new Blackberry Z10, it failed to impress the real Blackberry users. The Z10 is a betrayal of what made people who still carry a Blackberry still want a Blackberry in the first place. If they wanted an iPhone or Android wannabe, […]

Now that Blackberry (the company) as released their Blackberry 10 OS and their first re-entry in to the smartphone world, the Z10, a lot of people want to know: what’s next? The company seems to have had a less than staggering release despite the long wait. Of course, we were still anticipating the product, but […]

Research in Motion is dead. At the very least, the company opted to kill the name when they launched the Blackberry 10 for the world to see. The company will no longer be known as RIM, a name that has been linked to so many downfalls in the current era. To signal a new era, […]

Research in Motion’s Blackberry 10 OS is just about ready to launch by the end of the month. The fans as well as onlookers are anticipating this launch with very keen eyes. Many people want to know if RIM and their Blackberry 10 will indeed have a spot in today’s smartphone market. The operating system […]

RIM must be having a mini celebration in their office. It looks like their year of hardships and endurance is starting to pay off. The company has worked hard to make the Blackberry 10 a recognized product before it even came to market. While the company has been constantly in decline in the mobile space, […]

In roughly 3 weeks from now, we will finally see the finished product of what Research in Motion has been working on for a year now. With almost nothing to show for 2012, the year that Blackberry makes a comeback is apparently 2013. We have seen leaks of the hardware, which has both been praised […]

It is no secret that Research In Motion is working very hard to make the Blackberry relevant again in the market. The Canada based company is working on their bet for the future of the company – Blackberry 10. Blackberry 10 is RIM’s answer to the growing smartphone market. Ever since Apple’s iPhone came into […]

Research in Motion and their Blackberry platform simply refuses to drop dead from the rankings. They still maintain a silver of hope in their new Blackberry 10. Sure enough, thanks to the presentation of the Blackberry 10, people are slightly interested again. It is indeed another choice within a stagnating sea of smartphones. Choice is […]

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