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LG sure surprised us at how fast they were able to get Kit Kat running on their flagship smartphone – the LG G2. Unfortunately, for a long time, it seems like LG had kept that update only for the Korean models and not for the rest of the world. The update was still celebrated as […]

Google Editions are certainly becoming a thing these days. Even Motorola, a company already owned by Google, is launching a Google Edition smartphone and in a line of Google Edition devices, you can say it is the first budget phone in the series. Yes, the most amazing low budget Android smartphone just got a deal […]

We’re not sure what Samsung does differently here, but it seems like they are really better at developing software for their Note series compared to their true flagships – the Galaxy S series. A clear example is how my Galaxy Note 2 clearly outperforms and out-speeds the Galaxy S4 even though the Galaxy S4 is […]

It would seem that LG is really getting close to Google. After two straight LG based Nexus smartphones, it seems that Motorola isn’t the only apple of Google’s eye. While the company said they would never launch a Google Edition smartphone, they didn’t say anything about launching a tablet. While HTC and Samsung battle it […]

While it is hardly a surprise that Samsung’s biggest and baddest flagship smartphones are going to get their Kit Kat update eventually, the real question plaguing everyone’s mind was a matter of “when”. Samsung has been looked upon by fans of the Android community as well as their haters as the premier Android provider, but […]

The holidays are a great time of the year to be getting excellent deals from mobile companies and crammed into all of the “buy this, get that” deals is one more from Microsoft that is about to give SkyDrive users a reason to celebrate.  Microsoft announced that if you are a Windows Phone user, you […]

Despite the overwhelming hardware of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the previous generation Galaxy Note 2 is still a very powerful smartphone that can still hold its own in today’s market. While no longer the top dog, it can still serve its masters well with a very fast processor as well as massive potential for […]

The truth of the matter is that Android malware is a serious problem. Let’s face it, not everyone is smart enough to avoid all of the little tricks that people use to spread the malware. While some of the things being done seem simple enough to avoid for many of us in the community, there […]

It seems like we can keep expecting great things from Motorola after they have settled in with Google. Despite the “separation” of both operations, the company clearly demonstrates that they are much better with Google than they were back then. For starters, they are finally looking at revolutionizing the smartphone, rather than just throwing out […]

Here’s something we never thought we’d be able to see: Google actually certifying a smartphone powered by a fully custom ROM. While Google promotes open source and development, they were a bit wary of these customs ROMs since they tend to block ads and they also tend to reduce Google’s hold over Android. If you […]

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