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Amazon sure surprised us in their press conference. Not only did they rightfully target the Nexus 7, who sought to put them out of business, but they also targeted the leader of the tablet revolution, the world’s benchmark, the iPad. This strategy puts Amazon as a tablet competitor that cannot be ignored any longer. Apple […]

There are many of us who have predicted that Amazon will not be able to beat the Nexus 7. Many have thought that the new Kindle Fire 2 will most likely hit the same specifications of Nexus 7 while hitting a lower price point. That would have been the common man’s idea, but Amazon thinks […]

Amazon has created a revolution in cheap 7 inch tablets focused on multi-media content. It was the same format that Google’s Nexus 7 was based on. Rather than being an iPad killer, it was dubbed the Kindle killer simply because it nearly killed the Amazon business in the 7 inch tablet scene. Amazon is out […]

What makes a tablet a tablet, or what makes a smartphone a true smartphone in today’s standards? Is it the specs? I don’t think so. Anything can be built to be “powerful” but what makes the device truly smart is the operating system. Aside from the yet to be evaluated Windows 8, there are two […]

The Kindle Fire was the starting point of the 7 inch tablet revolution. Sure, Samsung, HTC, and other OEMs have pushed out products earlier to try and capture this market. They have of course succeeded to some extent, but they didn’t make as much of an impact as the Kindle Fire. Most people would think […]

Amazon has finally sold completely out of the original Kindle Fire tablet according to news from today.  Shortly after that bit of news we got to see the first leaked image that is reportedly showing the new Kindle Fire 2 tablet.  Amazon announced earlier this year they plan to launch a new 7-inch & 10-inch […]

The makers of the famous Nook Tablet, Barnes & Noble have decided to slash the price of the 7 inch Nook Color and the Nook Tablet. The decision to cut prices is seen as a competitive move by the company in view of fresh competition from Google’s recently launched Nexus 7 tablet which has evicted […]

In today’s smartphone battle, it is not only all about victories in hardware, nor is it simply a victory over software. Consumer trends and focus no longer solely relies on just what the device offers out of the box. The reason why there is such a revolution that shook the mobile world is because the […]

It would seem that the Nexus 7 was much too popular for its own good. The latest device from Google’s Nexus line of products has received so many online orders, that Google could not ship them all out in time. They have a lot of delays pertaining to the delivery of the products, which gives […]

The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s brainchild. It was meant to be a personalized e-book reader that is prioritized for use with Amazon’s services. It is also the device that showed the tech world that a $200, 7-inch tablet has a place in the consumer’s hearts and has the potential to sell like pancakes. Amazon’s Kindle […]

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