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The Apple iPad Air that was released this year is going to get some competition, it is just a matter of when it will arrive and who is going to step into the ring for the battle.  The iPad Air is one of the thinnest, lightest tablets on the market and is also the fifth […]

There is little doubt that Apple is going to let the tablet market close in on them with the current iPad models.  With the recently released iPad Air, Apple moved the iPad into a new category, but that is not where it ends.  Apple has reportedly been working on a new iPad model called the […]

Spotify is a music streaming service that allows users to listen to, download for later and find new music through your mobile device.  The application just got an update for those that are operating the iPhone or iPad made by Apple.  The update brings a couple new features and “Browse” mode on the iPad is […]

Walmart is one of the few companies that will go all out when it comes to the busiest shopping day of the year.  The door buster deals and sales throughout the day are the main reason that you see people lined up all over the place.  There is one store that has confirmed that it […]

Yikes! Another Apple product is in the news involving an explosion. No, Apple isn’t involved in any terrorist threats, but if more of these events happen overseas, people might start considering it. Apple’s latest product, the iPad Air, has apparently been sighted in a most gruesome scene where a fire broke out from the device’s […]

One of the bestselling features of Apple’s mobile products in the past couple of years was the Retina Display. It was a display that bested every other display in the market. It was the display that ignited the pixel density war, where manufacturers tried their best to offer the best pixel density they could in […]

It seems that Apple is getting quite a knack for keeping probably their most popular new products at very low stocks. After the company’s latest press release showcasing the new iPads, people are raring to go and get one as soon as the stores open up. Apple’s tablets are barely contested these days, even with […]

Tuesdays’ event was something that the market was waiting for. More than smartphones, the most appealing products from Apple are their tablets. In fact, barely anyone can hold a candle to Apple’s tablets so far, even with the more functional Surface Pro on the prowl and the improvements on Android’s tablets. Apple simply has the […]

Apart from being able to play games on a large display and being able to browse Facebook and read e-books all the time, there are more reasons to get a tablet. One of the major reasons is to actually have a portable tool for office productivity. There is something about being able to work on […]

Apple is expected to unveil new iPads this upcoming October 22. Now that they are done with smartphones, they wanted to get everything else out of the way, which usually speaks of their tablet line, and maybe even a couple of new surprises. Still, there isn’t much to be surprised about for Tuesday. After all, […]

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