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T-Mobile shoes another bold effort to strengthen their growing hold into the market by showing they are willing to offer services that no other carrier would offer. While their range of signal still leaves a lot to be desired, if you do live in a T-Mobile covered area, the reasons to switch are becoming even […]

If you have the brand new HTC One on the T-Mobile network you might have noticed some issues with the 4G LTE.  Other users have noticed smaller and less important issues with the phone as well and that is why T-Mobile issued a software fix this week with hopes of taking care of all of […]

Are you hungry for the latest and greatest? Now may be your chance to take that new Verizon Edge plan to the test by letting you upgrade before the year is over. As it turns out, Verizon is already taking orders for the elusive LG G2, whose arrival in the US is yet to be […]

The Nexus 4 launched a year ago in the Google Play store and sold out very quickly.  The unlocked, $200 smartphone came with some very nice features that have the mobile world anticipating the next generation device reportedly going to arrive later this year.  The Nexus 4 was one of the first in line for […]

The holiday season is here and T-Mobile is gearing up for an early Christmas present. Much like their previous quarter, T-Mobile starts this one with an easy way to get hold of the best devices of the season for no down payment. If there was a time to stop waiting to get your favorite smartphones, […]

It’s no secret that Sprint isn’t one of the biggest or most trusted carriers in the US. Sprint may have its user base, but that pales before fast growing carriers like T-Mobile. Ironically, they are also the last to implement what is now a trend for US carriers – the early upgrade program. We’ve had […]

It seems that the struggle is nearing its end. Blackberry just doesn’t have what it takes to revive in a market like this. The dominance of iOS, Android, and increasingly, Windows 8, has driven the company to ruin as their new products failed to make any traction into the worldwide market. While security firms and […]

If you happen to have AT&T for your wireless provider and still rock the carrier’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S III as your handset of choice, you know you have a pretty capable device in the palm of your hands – this, despite the fact that the handset is already more than a year […]

T-Mobile’s actions have inspired a once very rigid carrier market to suddenly change their ways in what T-Mobile calls an “uncarrier” plan. These new plans, which was initiated by T-Mobile firstly in hopes of taking down larger carrier networks have been adopted by major networks such as Verizon and AT&T, thereby eliminating their advantage which […]

If you happen to have AT&T for your wireless provider and rock the carrier’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III it released in US shores last year, you might want to check your handset for a little notification that indicates that an update has landed on your device. Before you get excited and all […]

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