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When it comes to wireless networks there are really only a few names that ring any bells and those are Sprint, Verizon Wireless, US Cellular, T-Mobile and AT&T.  There are a couple of smaller ones that have made it to the market and some of them operate 4G LTE networks as well.  According to reports […]

The Samsung Galaxy Stellar was released into the smartphone market back in August of last year and is currently available on the Verizon Wireless network and if you own the device you will be happy to know that you are in line for the Android Jelly Bean update.  According to an online source, Verizon has […]

Microsoft first announced plans to bring back the Surface name in June 2012 and this time it was going to be with a few high end tablets that would operating on the Windows 8 software. For the rest of the year consumers waited to see what and when the company was going to showcase what […]

Microsoft has been looking to January for the release of its new Surface Pro tablet, but according to a new report, the company is going to miss that date as they start to eye up the early part of February. The base model of the new Surface Pro is going to come with a hefty […]

Trying to keep up with the likes of Apple and Samsung is not an easy game to play in the mobile industry. One company came to the Consumer Electronics Show with a new device that some say could take a little bit of the wind from Apple’s sails. Archos is the company and its 70 […]

Just one week ago many were reporting that the Ice Cream Sandwich would not be coming to the HTC Thunderbolt handset and that was because a consumer emailed the customer support and got a reply that would indicate that the update was not coming.  Now it is only a week later and the company has […]

After all of this time, many of those that are still holding onto their HTC Thunderbolt handset were still wondering why they did not get the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update yet.  For the most part just about everyone in the mobile world expected the handset to get the update and over the last 3 […]

Have you been able to check out the new Surface tablets offered by Microsoft?  The Surface RT tablet is one that researchers are expecting to hit the 1 million units in the fourth quarter of this year.  One analyst thinks Microsoft will see “estimated sales of 1.3 million” unit in the fourth quarter alone, which […]

Over the last month or more we have been seeing reports with rumors of the new Galaxy S4 handset that could arrive in the early part of next year.  At the same time that we have been reading about new, flexible displays coming from Samsung, a rumor reportedly suggests that the S4 display is going […]

If you have been waiting for the unlocked version of the iPhone 5 to come to an Apple store near you, tonight just might be your lucky day.  Since the newest model of the iPhone has been absent from Apple stores in the United States since its launch date back in September, consumers have been […]

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