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Pantech is not exactly one company that you hear about launching top of the line smartphones, but the company does have a couple that are perfect for the first time smartphone owner.  One of the latest is the Pantech Burst, which features a 4-inch touch screen display with 800×400 resolution, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 5MP […]

Last month we got a very tiny taste of the new Samsung Galaxy Victory that was headed to the Sprint network.  The report claimed that the new handset, which was called the SPH-L300 was going to be a 4G LTE handset on the Sprint network.  Recently, the Galaxy Victory is back in the news and […]

LG is in the news quite a bit lately with new handsets showing up at various mobile carriers with the latest one being US Cellular.  According to online sources that have access to a PDF product data sheet from inside of US Cellular, the LG Splendor is going to be the next LG handset on […]

Android may not be the only open source, multi OEM mobile operating system in the future. Firefox OS is slowly developing as it should, and we were recently treated to a pretty good leak pertaining to the “App Store” version of the Firefox OS. Firefox OS is built on HTML 5, a web browser code. […]

Virgin Mobile has one of the best pre-paid plans on the market right now with a monthly plan that offers you unlimited data, texts and 300 minutes of calling for just $35 per month. If you sign up for auto pay you can knock another $5 off your monthly fee. The pre-paid mobile carrier uses […]

The Nokia 920 we know will be powered by the new Windows Phone 8 software, according to the first bit of leaked information not that long ago.  Recently, more information was leaked and other than the operating system, it looks like consumers are in for some unique technologies that might only be unique to the […]

The Android Jelly Bean operating system is in the news a fair amount and sure seems to be rolling out to devices a little faster than the Ice Cream Sandwich did when it first arrived on the scene. One of the software’s features could be one of the most important features you will ever find […]

Sony has a couple of tablets they have released into the ultra wild and competitive marketplace and none of them have really “taken off”, but that is not going to stop the company from getting back to normal and releasing a new tablet to the market.  Right now, Sony has four tablets listed on the […]

ZTE has some pretty decent handsets on the market today, but nothing that can really compete with the likes of Apple or Samsung.  Most of the handsets are mid-range and often come with specs that are one or two generations behind the front running devices.  Today, the company announced a new smartphone, called the Grand […]

Probably one of the biggest weaknesses of Android is after you have bought your new powerful device. Yes, you have a spanking new phone, filled with some built in features, access to the Play Store and all its glory depending on your country. Then you realize you have to protect the device and you want […]

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