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It might have been a long time since Research in Motion has made the news for anything positive, but this week we see that a new feature could be coming to BlackBerry 10 powered smartphones and tablets. Research in Motion provides their own messaging application on devices they make called the BlackBerry Messenger. The BBM […]

If you have been looking for good smartphone deals you need to be paying close attention to the third party retailers that are all over the internet giving specials and better deals than you will find anywhere else.  With that being said, if you are a regular visitor to the Amazon Wireless website, you might […]

You might have been playing the Grand Theft Auto 3 game on your Apple or Android device lately, but you might be excited to know that there will be another game coming next month you might be interested in.  Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is reportedly almost ready and will be coming to iOS and […]

This week we learned that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could show up at the Consumer Electronics Show in a couple of months and hopefully be ready to ship shortly after that.  The next generation Galaxy phone will be the talk of the town until then for sure, but new reports indicate that the release of […]

Apple just released the iPhone 5 last month and already we are starting to hear rumors about the next handset from Apple, called the iPhone 5S. Like the iPhone 4S, launched last year, the iPhone 5S will have a couple changes, but nothing drastic and is rumored for release around the summer of 2013. This […]

Leaked images are becoming a lot more commonplace these days and most looking to buy a new smartphone would almost expect to see images leaked of handsets that are about to be released. And just like we all expect, this week we see an image that is apparently showing the new Windows Phone 8 powered […]

US Cellular is the fifth largest mobile carrier in the United States and is mostly confined to the Midwestern part of the country, but that does not keep them from offering some of the most popular handset on the mobile marketplace, including those that run on 4G LTE radios.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and […]

Just a couple of days ago, some images leaked online that showed a new handset from ZTE, but they were not very telling at all.  Not much of a leak and that might have been the reason it went unreported by many.  Today, however, we got to see a couple more images, but they are […]

We all know that Microsoft is heading into a huge battle as they try to pry their way into the tablet market and over the last month or more, information about their new tablets has been released little by little.  Today, we see some more leaked information as the pricing for the Microsoft Surface Pro […]

New smartphones are hitting the marketplace each month and for the most part we can put all of the ones we remember on a short list of handset makers.  Apple, Samsung, HTC and Motorola might be some of the most popular handset makers today, but another company is about to make its presence known in […]

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