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According to a leaked image that ended up at, T-Mobile is planning an event that will allow users to get one 4G handset for free when they buy one from a list of pre-selected devices.  The deal is going to run from May 18th through May 26th and any interested customers will have to […]

Samsung seems to be on a roll these days with new handset releases and even more handsets being leaked. The newest one to join the “leaked” list is this new model currently known only as the “T699”. The T699 as you might have assumed by now, would headed towards T-Mobile USA. There is no word […]

LinkedIn, the world’s most popular social networking website for professionals was present in almost all of the smartphone operating systems in the form of an official application. There was however no official app for phones running Windows Phone. That was until today, though. The website has officially announced the launch of a new application specifically […]

Not to be confused with its predecessors the HTC Droid Incredible and Droid Incredible 2, the soon to be released HTC Droid Incredible 4G Android smartphone is the first Droid Incredible device with 4G LTE wireless capability. That handset will be released on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE system that RootMetrics called the fastest and […]

Apple is widely expected to reveal the newest version of iOS on the eve of the WWDC in June. While most people out there would be concerned about the new feature additions that would debut with the new update, fresh news coming in from various sources seem to point towards the possibility of the current […]

Leaked photos are one thing that has become common place in the mobile market these days and a new handset with model number LS970 is not any different.  The LG LS970 images were found by BriefMobile and according to reports they are images of the LG Eclipse 4G LTE, which is the name it will […]

Nokia broke all sorts of rules when they talked about the release of a smartphone that had a 41MP camera sensor in it.  On top of that, the company did not make mention of the new “superphone” coming to the United States, but this week, that all changed as Nokia said the Pureview 808 will […]

Google+ has been sitting in the shadows as Facebook takes a good portion of world’s market share in the social network category, but today, the company announced an update for Google+ on the iPhone.  The Google+ app for the iPhone is getting the update that includes larger images and smooth animations, but nothing really changes […]

The Samsung Galaxy S III is a super phone in more ways than one and this year it will be paired up with some of the best super athletes from around the world when the Olympics come to town.  Samsung and Visa have come together to sponsor athletes participating in the 2012 London Olympic Games […]

Have you been asked to upgrade the Facebook messenger app on your Apple or Android device? The new non-private Facebook Messenger app, which is being released as version 1.7 will in fact, tell people where you are and who read your messages, all in real time. Imagine trying to blow someone off and having them […]

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