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The 2012 CTIA Wireless event is about to start and a couple of online reviews got a chance to test drive the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE.  The Droid Incredible 4G LTE features a unique shape to the rear cover and it gives the handset a distinctive look that might not be right up everyone’s […]

Research in Motion has seen their market share dip all the way down into the single digits over the past couple of years, but the company has not stopped trying to find that one place a BlackBerry phone would be a benefit.  Today, the company announced plans to launch a new mobile app that helps […]

Nokia has been trying to mount a comeback in to the smartphone market as the company partners up with Microsoft and the Windows Phone operating system.  Nokia released the Lumia series of phones recently, but the lawsuit, filed by investors in New York, claims the CEO and CFO of Nokia made false claims about how […]

AT&T has announced that starting May 20, 2012 they would be selling Samsung’s LTE capable Windows Phone, the Samsung Focus 2 for $49.99. The phone would be available for the price with a two year contract. The announcement came in the backdrop of the CTIA Wireless Trade Show. The show kicks off today and we […]

With the CTIA Wireless Conference kicking off at New Orleans, we already seem to have a spate of new launches. The proceedings kick started with AT&T and Samsung announcing the launch of the Windows powered Samsung Focus 2 with a two year contract for just $49.99. To make things more interesting, arch rival Verizon has […]

LG has popular handsets on every mobile carrier in the country and each year they release new devices that are considered high end and the Optimus LTE2 is not any different.  The new handset is said to have some very impressive features, most of which have not been released yet.  LG has shed some light […]

Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s CEO was at a conference earlier this week where he was called upon to speak about the state of the wireless industry in the U.S. While most attendees expected to hear the standard CEO speak, Stephenson surprised everyone with a rather frank speech along with clear opinions about the iPhone. In fact, […]

When a handset gets Bluetooth certified that generally means that it will end up in the mobile marketplace somewhere and this week the Huawei M660 just got certified and is headed to the MetroPCS pre-paid network.  MetroPCS, used to General Wireless, operates the fifth largest mobile network in the United States with just more than […]

Most of the time you can see updates going to smartphones that are quite popular with consumers and typically less than a couple years old.  Mobile carriers stop supporting handsets that do not sell and eventually discontinue them altogether.  T-Mobile took a different path this time around and went and got an update ready for […]

Time and again, we are reminded by various security firms how vulnerable the average modern smartphone user is to hackers and malware proliferators. It is always the “open” and more widespread Android platform that is now the target of these dubious entities and they are willing to go to any lengths to siphon off your […]

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