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AT&T The Nokia Lumia 920 is almost out on AT&T. Was the wait worth it?

The Nokia Lumia 920 is almost out on AT&T. Was the wait worth it?

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AT&T had a lot of exclusives for the network, and one of the most awaited exclusives happens to be a Windows 8 smartphone from a brand that is dying to rise back to stardom. Nokia had a rocky denial stage when they were left behind by the smartphone age, but now they are back with a vengeance and is hinging all hope on the new Lumia smartphone series.

The Nokia 920 is the first real smartphone of the bunch meant to combat the increasing popularity of iOS and Android through the new Windows 8 operating system. Nokia’s newest flagship does not hold back in features, and even ports part of the full power of one of their crown jewels in the business: the PureView camera.

The PureView camera was first seen on the Nokia 808 Pureview. It used a massive 41 megapixel camera to take the clearest shots possible even in dim lighting. It was fully capable of lossless zooming as well as very stable image capture.

The PureView camera may feel a bit less than the original on the new Nokia Lumia 920, but there is no helping it since the camera was developed to run on Symbian devices. Maybe one day, Nokia will finish fully porting the specifics of the original software to be compatible with Windows. For now, we get the similarly branded PureView camera with OIS technology on the Lumia 920.

Users who have finally laid their hands on the device say that the premium feel of the solid smartphone with rounded edges and smooth glass make the device a worthy phone for those looking for a new life and style in today’s smartphone models. The Lumia 920 is protected by Gorilla Glass 2, and is expected to be highly scratch resistant.

It was pointed out that the Windows 8 version that comes with the AT&T release is not the final version of the operating system. It is expected that patches and bug fixes will continuously be shelled out for the device during its lifetime. None the less, the smartphone felt very zippy, with very few load time problems seen in even the best smartphones in the market. The dual core Snapdragon processor does its job well coupled with the natural speed and smoothness of the Windows 8 operating system.

The highlight of the smartphone is of course its camera and its many Nokia specific features, such as Nokia City Lens and several photo enhancing and editing tools to make full use of the powerful PureView camera sported by the phone. While the PureView camera was hyped the wrong way by the company by lying flat out, the camera indeed had its merits. While it may not be as perfect as the ones on the official launch video, the camera’s final form has been proven to really provide great image stabilization during videos as well as take clear images in low light conditions.

With a zippy interface, and a powerful camera, Nokia’s Lumia 920 delivers in its own right. I would say it could have arrived sooner and on more networks, but still, the waiting was, even for a little bit, worth it.

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