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Smartphones Travelers using smartphones to find parking at airports

Travelers using smartphones to find parking at airports

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In the last year or more, the number of passengers at airports that use a smartphone has almost doubled.  Of the passengers at airports over 54 percent use a smartphone according to the numbers.  In Atlanta, at the busiest airport in the world, the number of passengers using a smartphone was as high as 74 percent of the passengers.  With all of those smartphones in use at an airport naturally you would wonder what the users are up to.  My guess is that it’s a common way to waste time during a layover and searching the Web or playing a game on the smartphone is an easy time waster.

According to a study, about 21 percent of the smartphone users are using their phones to find parking in or around the airport.  Most people would try and plan for parking before they head to the airport and that is the best solution by far, but when something isn’t planned in advance, seeking more information about parking tops the list.  Using a search engine is one way of finding some off-site parking, but now there is also an app that users can download to help them find the information they need. has put together an app for the iPhone that will help travelers to find parking near the airport they are about to fly from.

Parking at an airport can be costly, just like flying, so passengers are searching for any way they can save a couple bucks when travelling.  A lot of times if a passenger finds off-site parking, those places offer free shuttle rides to and from the airport to help customers ease the stress of driving to and from themselves.  With the new app you can search for and reserve a parking space online via your computer, tablet or smartphone app and the reservation is also guaranteed.  The guarantee is a big plus and takes one more thing out of the equation compared to just showing up and hoping to get a spot.

Apps in the Travel category are downloaded the most often and often use the smartphones GPS and Google Maps features at the same time to help a customer pinpoint where they need to get to.  The GPS and maps are some of the most commonly used resources available for those that develop apps for mobile devices.

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