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Networks Verizon 4G Services resume after nationwide outage

Verizon 4G Services resume after nationwide outage

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For a second time this month, Verizon 4G subscribers found themselves with no service when an outage hit Verizon causing it 4G network to go in to a non-operational state in the wee hours of the morning of December 21. The outage was comprehensive and subscribers from across New York to California were affected by it. By afternoon, Verizon had issues a statement that acknowledged that there was an issue and that the service was being slowly returned to normal.

This was the third outage that Verizon users faced this year and like we mentioned earlier, the second outage had happened just days ago, earlier this month. The good thing about the outage was that only 4G services were affected, people could still use the slower 3G network which worked without a hitch – so there wasn’t really a loss of connectivity.

As was observed during the previous outage, as soon as people became aware of the fact that Verizon’s 4G was down, they flocked to the companies’ online forums to complain about the lack of service. With Verizon very bullish and actively promoting its 4G services since the past year, it was natural that an outage would result in backlash from its subscribers.

Over the course of the past year, Verizon has expanded its 4G network comprehensively. In fact, the company claims that as of today, they have more than 200 million people now have access to LTE and that their 4G LTE rollout has fast outpaced their 3G network growth. In fact, Verizon was twice as fast with its 4G rollout compared to when 3G was being rolled out.

While Verizon has been faster than rivals AT&T or Sprint when it comes to the rollout of 4G services, looks like they are having some teething troubles with the new technology. Verizon clearly seems interested in wanting to take an early lead over its rivals when it comes to 4G and while their strategy has worked to that effect, these outages aren’t doing any good for the image of the company.

Were you by any chance affected by this latest 4G outage?

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