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Electronics Verizon HTC 8X gets native Inductive charging

Verizon HTC 8X gets native Inductive charging

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Inductive charging, also known as Wireless charging, is becoming a very popular trend in mobile phones these days. While the usefulness of such charging schemes still remains to be seen, this type of charging has already existed for years.

There are plenty of devices these days that can be outfitted with a case that can charge it on an inductive charging mat. The mat itself is still connected to wiring. There have been devices before such as other phones and toothbrushes that makes use of wireless charging.

So why is it making a big wave right now in terms of marketing? Newer smartphone models that tout the wireless charging features now offer native inductive charging. The device can simply be placed on a charging mat and let itself do its magic. There will be no need for a case to be involved, reducing the bulk that was previously necessary to make use of the technology.

That is the feature offered by the new Verizon HTC 8X. Verizon failed to capture the Nokia Lumia 920, which also uses Wireless Charging. It should be noted that the original international version of the HTC 8X does not have native Wireless Charging. Verizon added this feature themselves for the exclusive use of its massive network.

This was probably done due to the fact that the Lumia 920 will be out of reach, and the rumored Lumia 922 might not be true after all. Verizon had to launch an Inductive Charging capable device in the market, so they made one in partnership with HTC. Unfortunately, there is nothing they could do regarding the camera quality, which does not measure up to Nokia’s patented OIC stability technology for their PureView devices.

The HTC 8X is a beautiful, sleek and compact device. If they were able to incorporate Inductive charging to that phone without affecting the dimensions too much if at all, then it is quite possible that the Inductive Charging feature will be a standard in the next flagship models of HTC’s Windows division.

While this is all good for those who are fans of Wireless Charging, it is not really that big of a deal. Sure, there will be some conveniences with Wireless Charging, but there are inconveniences too. As mentioned before, the pad that it uses is still tethered to a wall socket and is limited by a wire unless they make the dock battery operated. Your phone stops charging as soon as you take it off the dock, so if you had to take it just for a minute to send an e-mail or text, your phone would stop charging at that point. Plus, you are not really free as to how you store the device while charging.

On the other hand, wired charging allows manipulation and use of the device while charging, and can charge over longer distances and be stored however you wish while charging. Simply put, Wireless Charging is not a make or break technology at the moment unless it can charge far away from any charging port.

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