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Industry Headlines Verizon Wireless finally launches new Share Everything mobile plans

Verizon Wireless finally launches new Share Everything mobile plans

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Verizon Wireless has been talking about new mobile plans that would allow customers to “Share Everything” on a family plan and that includes talk, text and data.  The new plans could pave the way for new mobile family plans across all networks.  The basic idea behind the Share Everything plans is that you can have all the talking and texting that you want, plus a pool of data that can be shared with up to 10 devices on one plan.  The plans will be ready to activate on the Verizon Wireless website around the 28th of June and families and single smartphone owners can sign up for the new plans.

The plans, which range in price from $50 to $100, are in addition to the normal monthly access charges for each of the devices on the account.  On a sad note, the 28th of June is also the end of the unlimited data on the Verizon Wireless network.  The main concept of the plan that allows up to 10 devices to share the data is that a family would be more likely to buy more connected devices on one plan.  Verizon does expect that down the road consumers will want to connect more than one product on their account, even cameras and home appliances, so they will be there to accommodate that.

Many companies are taking special steps to see if they can get more tablets connected to their networks and boost sales of those devices.  Other than the Apple iPad, there really has not been any sort of show stopper in the tablet market and with a family Share Everything plan through Verizon Wireless, which could change.  The first question that most would ask is “why would I pay for a data service when I can just connect to my Wi-Fi network?”  Tami Erwin, who is the chief marketing officer at Verizon said “These plans offer the simplicity and value that customers feel are important,” and while the plans are not cheap, but they do offer a better value with more than one device on the account.

According to Verizon, the plan comes with unlimited talk and text and for the $50 plan you can 1GB of data to share.  The $60 plan will give you 2GB of data, $70 gets you 4GB of data, $80 gets you 6GB, $90 brings 8GB of data and the $100 plan gives you 10GB of data to share.

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