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Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless named fastest mobile carrier by RootMetrics

Verizon Wireless named fastest mobile carrier by RootMetrics

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Now that more people are able to afford a smartphone, more people are getting their data the same way.  Internet connections via a wireless signal are going to be what makes or breaks the mobile industry and the company that can promise and deliver is the one that is going to sit alone on top.  RootMetrics, which is an service that measures the mobile experience from the customer side of things, showed that in a recent test that Verizon Wireless was living up to their promises.  The report took over 10,000 texts, calls and data information from Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T, then ranks the companies on the performance.

All-in-all the data will show which carrier has the fewest dropped calls, blocked calls, fastest data speeds and which company had the fastest texting service.  It appears that Verizon was on the top in two out of the three categories including “fewest blocked, dropped calls” and “fastest data speeds”.  The fastest texting service went to T-Mobile according to the research.  Out of a possible 100 points, the Verizon LTE network was also ranked on the top with an 88.4, while T-Mobile and AT&T came next in the 55 and 52 point range, respectively.  Sprint’s network was actually ranked fourth on the list with 42.7 points out of the 100 possible.

Bill Moore, the CEO of RootMetrics says that his reports will “empower consumers to make better decisions about the best carrier for their mobile habits”.  Today, shopping around and comparing is a large part of picking the right carrier for you, so reports that favor what the customer sees and wants is a big benefit to getting what you pay for and saving money at the same time.

What was tested exactly?  Each network was tested on how fast it could upload and download a file and how often a customer could connect to the network.  The tests showed Verizon Wireless out front of the other networks by a long shot.  The LTE network speeds came back at 3 times faster than Sprint and AT&T and over 5 times faster than T-Mobile’s network.  The networks that were tested showed the dropped and blocked calls were about even, with no network really standing out from the other three.  The texting test, which put T-Mobile on top, which measured how long it would take to send and receive a text on the network.

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